Good Athletes with Bad Habits

When we think of the men and women competing to bring home gold medals in various sports in the Olympics (although some arguably should NOT be considered sports), we envision athletes that are at the top of the game. Even outside of the Olympics, we hold our sports teams and athletes to a high standard. We expect them not to drink, smoke, eat unhealthy, or behave inappropriately. Although most have no problem fitting this mold, others just cannot help themselves when it comes to bad behavior.


E-Cigarettes: A Better Choice when it comes to Bad Habits


When Michael Phelps was photographed smoking marijuana shortly after his amazing victory at the Olympics, people were outraged! Nobody could come to grips with the fact that this perfect athlete was capable of such bad behavior. He lost endorsements, was stripped from magazine covers, and given the cold shoulder by potential sponsors, friends, family members, and fans.


Of course, Michael Phelps is not the only one who should have stuck with an e-cigarette instead of a bong, Marlboro, or dirty cocktail. Cigarettes and alcohol can severely inhibit an athlete’s performance; especially over long periods of time. E-cigarettes on the other hand are a much better choice. They calm the nerves and provide smaller amounts of nicotine and do not release harmful vapors into the atmosphere. We would much rather see some of these guys with an e-cigarette in their hand! So y’all smokers out there might be better off with e-cigarette. One place (or website) you can buy these stuff from is JusteJuice.


Good Athletes Gone Bad

We mentioned Michael Phelps already but there are other athletes out there who cannot help themselves when it comes to bad habits. Here is a short list of some who simply will not let go of their vices:


1. Laurence Maroney


This NFL free agent decided that in addition to toting around some firearms, he should also have marijuana present. Needless to say, the cops decided that he should go to jail.

2. Tito Ortiz


The Huntington Bad Boy initially sought to earn this clever nickname in the octagon ring. However, after several strong drinks, various drugs, an alleged domestic violence charge against porn star wife Jenna Jameson, and some bar fights, Tito definitely labeled himself a bad boy!

3. Rick Bender


This professional baseball player was a big fan of chewing tobacco and smoking until he contracted mouth cancer. He now does his best to educate others on the dangers of dip.

4. “Mayhem” Miller


Miller definitely earned the title “Mayhem” after drinking, smoking, and generally losing his mind. Cops found Miller naked in a church and proceeded to arrest him. Needless to say, he never stopped foot into the UFC octagon ring again.

5. War Machine


This MMA fighter is known for not only his skill on the mat, but his wild, outlandish behavior outside the ring. He can usually be found with a cigarette in his mouth, beer in his hand, and some ridiculously lewd comment. Last we heard, he was offering fans a chance to have sex with his wife while he filmed. Awkward!


Although you may not think about the dangers of smoking cigarettes, it is definitely something you should take into consideration; especially as a pro athlete. People look up to these guys and try to model themselves after them; having a cigarette dangling in one hand is definitely NOT the message they should be spreading! E-cigarettes can offer these athletes the stress relief that they need while maintaining a positive image!

5 Jobs Women Do Better Than Men

We all remember singing this silly song at some point during our younger years. Undoubtedly, we had just beaten our best friend or “enemy” during a not so friendly competition and since most of us had yet to learn our first curse word or insult, this was the best that we could. Sticking our tongues out and singing the little catchphrase while the other kid cried or threatened to tell the teacher was often the highlight of our day. Ah, grade school! Those were the days!

Of course, this little phrase managed to survive our early days, and resurfaced during our adult lives. Feminists commonly use the “anything you can do, I can do better” saying when it comes to their speeches and motto. A lot of people, women included, dismiss feminism as nothing more than just “bra-burning” and whining about gender inequality. Obviously, both sometimes apply to the movement, but the feminists are somewhat right: there are things, especially jobs, which women can do better than men.


We can do It!


Not too long ago, if people heard someone discussing the idea of women in the work field, they would probably roll over with laughter. Now, it is not uncommon to see women working all types of jobs. Some don hard hats and step into the construction zones alongside men while others are CEOs of fortune 500 companies. Regardless of where women find their niche in the work zone, one thing is for certain: they are here to stay. However, there are a few jobs in which women tend to excel and actually do better than their male counterparts.

1. Nurses- Women tend to have a better bedside manner than most men and are able to “sugar-coat” things for their patients.

2. Teachers- Not to worry men, we are not implying that women are smarter than you! Women typically make better teachers than men since they are often more gentle-spoken than most men and tend to be more patient.

3. Bakers- Although this may come off as sexist at first, it is definitely not meant that way! Women tend to be better at reading and following directions.

4. Hair stylists- This should probably be an obvious one. Women definitely know more about hair styling and products than men! No offense guys! Women are also good with “landscaping” if you catch my drift!

5. Makeup artists- Another obvious one on the list. Although some homosexual and drag queen males are definitely experts at putting on makeup (we’re jealous, trust us), women tend to just dominate this field. After all, we have been breaking into our mother’s makeup for years! Sorry mom!

Although it may seem like a sexist topic or come across as a gender inequality issue, it really just boils down to how men and women are naturally different. Obviously, there are jobs in which men excel over women. Women tend to be more nurturing, compassionate, and patient than men and are also better when it comes to jobs that require these traits or focus on beauty. Men will always prevail at jobs that require problem solving or hard labor.

I Love Being a Woman: Why You Don’t Have To Worry About Annoying Double Standards For Women

Women have definitely gone a long way ever since the onset of feminism wherein more and more women recognized and demanded the acknowledgement of their rights as strong, independent, and confident individuals. From the time our great female ancestors fought for their rights to vote and to be voted upon, more and more women like us are wearing the pants in their relationships, businesses, jobs, and passions.

Still, there are those instances where being a woman is used as an excuse to not be taken seriously. Despite the developments in our culture wherein women all over the world are empowered through great role models in what-were-once-male-dominated industries there still remains the annoying double standards women have to suffer with, especially in fields like business, athletics, finance, relationships, and even with household chores!

Here we list some of the most annoying double standards that women suffer with to this day and age:


1. Relationships

– When men sleep around a lot, they’re glorified as studs or players. When women sleep around they’re considered sluts.
– When a woman dates a guy a few weeks after the end of a previous relationship, she’s labelled as needy, slutty and insecure. When a man dates another girl a few days after the end of a relationship, no one makes a big deal out of it.

2. Education

When a boy fails in a subject like math, he’s terrible at that subject. When a girl fails in the same subject, all girls are terrible in that area.


3. Lifestyle

– When a man drives terribly, it’s the car’s fault. When women drive, they’re already labelled as terrible drivers
– When couples marry, the woman is always expected to wash the dishes and do the laundry. The men aren’t expected to do those chores.

4. Aging

– When men older than 30 dates girls half their age, they’re considered eligible to marry anyone younger than them. When a woman dates a man younger than her by a few years, she’s labelled a cougar.
– When a man ages, he is distinguished and respected for his accomplishments. When a woman grows older, she is identified by her age and looks.


5. Business

– When men get promoted, they are hard working and determined. When a woman gets promoted, rumors fly around that she’s sleeping with the boss.
– When men brag about their accomplishments, they are confident and driven. When a woman brags about her accomplishments, she’s an insufferable show-off.

Need I go on? The good news here is, these annoying double standards that women suffer don’t even have to be dealt with, even when they’re frequently thrown our way. First of all, these are terrible stereotypes. Second, facts have shown that just as some men could be better than women at certain “female” activities, women could just as well be better than men in “masculine” fields like sports.

Check out this awesome video.


Here are a few great reasons why women could excel in sports or physical competitions better than men:

1. Female participation in male-oriented sports has steadily grown in the past 40 years!

Women comprised 30% of the athletes in the 1982 American NCAA intercollegiate competition. The number grew by 42% in 2009!

2. Women outperform men in certain sports

– Women excel in Synchronized Swimming and Rhythmic Gymnastics because these are women-only disciplines.
– Women also excel in sports which do not rely heavily on muscle power such as archery, shooting, equestrian sports, sailing, and curling.

3. Lack of opportunity, not lack of interest is the reason why there are lesser number of women in the field of sports

A research conducted in an American University concluded that female participation in sports increased upon the passage of Title IX, which promoted equality of opportunities for women in sports and other fields.

With all these great reasons to be proud of becoming a woman, there really is no reason to be brought down by any of the most common and most annoying double standards that women suffer. Regardless of whatever pressure there is to be a female, it is great to be a woman. Feel free to punch the face of anyone who tells you otherwise.

7 Sports Where Women Are Better Than Men

These days there are a number of sports where men and women both compete. In most sports Men are superior to the Women as they are perceived as physically stronger and mentally much stronger than their women counterparts.


Why can’t men and women both compete in a sport like billiards or which is more commonly known as pool. This game does not at all require strength or speed. There are separate leagues in this sport. What could be the reason behind this? This is mainly because men are much muscular than women.


No one knows why the top male dart players are significantly better than the top female darts players. The top players of men and women in both these sports have quoted as saying that they don’t see any physical reason that the two genders should compete separately. There is no reason at all that there is just one female player ranked in the top hundred in the game of Chess.


The 7 Sports where Women are better than Menare as follows:


1. Synchronized Swimming

USA's team competes in the synchronised

Synchronized Swimming is popularly known as “Synchro”, by most people. It is a combination or mix of flexibility, grace, strength, control, timing and extreme endurance. Synchronized Swimming is considered to be one of the difficult sports. We need not be mislead by the showy performance and lipsticked smile on the female athletes’ faces.

Men need not apply for this sport. Synchronized swimming was one of the two female–only sports in the London 2012 Olympics. Rhythmic Gymnastics was the other one.


2. Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Coming back to gender and body – rhythmic gymnastics is ironic. Elder women are not fit for these kind of gymnastics It encompasses a kind of little-girl femininity and with their pixie like getup and bodies they bring to the sport what most audiences look for.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is also one of the few sports which men can’t do. It doesn’t mean that they cannot do as well as the women but in fact they cannot do it at all. Rhythmic Gymnastics is an example of personified femininity, it not at all male defined.


3. Sailing


Women are much better than their male counterparts at sailing. This is mainly because women’s bodies are much more flexible than men.


4. Shooting


Alongside some winter sports and to some extent, tennis, biathlon is one of the sports in which women receive almost the same kind of attention as men. The amount of training which both men as well as women go for is very much comparable. Si I think it’s fair to compare their results in this kind of sport.


5. Archery


Archery is another sport where women ‘consistently’ do better than the men.


6. Curling


This is a very tough one to decide. In curling, men have a marginal advantage in upper body strength. Women have an edge in this sport too. While men have the strength women are better ‘manipulators’.


7. Equestrian


The horse is a great leveler in equestrian competition. Female riders can easily supersede men and come out on top. In these sports the force is provided by the horse and the control and strategy is with the women.

The Top 5 Must-See-TV Female Athletes

After several hours, the casual sports fan can start to see a blur. Many professional athletes, for all of their intense physical superpowers, can at times look ordinary to the human eye. Then, there are the superstars; athletes that simply transcend race, gender and even the sport itself. When they’re performing at their peak, there is an instant magnetism. Someone sends us a text message, we see a post on social media… this athlete is heating up and they become must-see-television. Here’s a list of five female athletes that perform at the very top of their game; the ladies that insist you change the channel, drop what you’re doing and witness their history in the making:

1. Serena Williams

Serena Williams of the U.S. celebrates after defeating Russia's Zvonareva in their women's singles tennis match at the All England Lawn Tennis Club during the London 2012 Olympic Games

The tennis critics, casual fans, sporting pundits and technical experts all agree: Serena has the greatest serve in all of women’s tennis. The defining athletic superpower in tennis for over a decade, Serena’s career accomplishments float amongst the air of great athletes like Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and David Beckham. From her roaring screams to her flamboyant outfits, Serena is a solidified top 10 female in sports, must-see-television for certain.

2. Britney Griner

Britney Griner

The award-winning, slam-dunking, six foot eight inch basketball phenom broke records and made history at the college level and now produces highlights in the WNBA for the Phoenix Mercury. Smooth low post moves, endless rebounds and a fierce shot-blocking pedigree had casual observers wondering if she could actually play in the NBA. Not too many check over for WNBA games, but we’d gladly switch to catch a rare WNBA dunk from Griner.

3. Danica Patrick


Fearless driving, an in-your-face attitude and lots of sex appeal will have you looking for her green Chevy SS with her iconic GoDaddy logo on race day. The most successful woman in open auto racing history, her winning pedigree showed she’s just not a pretty face behind the wheel. She’s a real competitor, and it’s always fun to watch the girl dust the boys on the asphalt.

4. Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach

FIFA’s 2012 World Player of the Year is magic in the air, power on the field and deadly in front of goal. Second all-time in goals only to Mia Hamm, the 33-year-old Wambach is a delight to watch because of her likelihood to score the crucial goal and her grace on the ball. She’s tougher than the guys, she’s faster than her competitors and she’s in a league of her own. When it’s Women’s World Cup time, watch out. Her swan song will most likely be a classic tune.

5. Lindsey Vonn


Already pegged to be a marquee competitor at the 2014 Winter Olympic games, Vonn is defiantly moving forward despite a crucial injury suffered to her knee in late 2013. That can’t take away from her incredible athleticism on the skis; her downhill disciplines are a beauty to behold. She hasn’t won multiple downhill competitions and a gold medal for nothing. She’s as beautiful as she is talented, and this coming winter you can’t miss this top 10 female in sports.

There are many other worthy candidates, but these ladies lead the pack in amazing moments and athletic ability. Miss out on these top female athletes at your own risk, history is still in the making.